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Spread Literacy With Me!

Spread Literacy with Me!!
As Miss Teen International I will be working with Jumpstart, Buildon and Yellow Boat of Hope. Below I have outlined my plans during my reign.

1. Celebrate “Read for the Record” with Jumpstart

Every year Jumpstart holds a Read for the Record® day when over 2 million people read the same book on the same day and highlights the connections made when adults and kids read together. This year Read for the Record® will be held on October 19, 2017 and the official book is Quackers. My goal is to purchase 200 books which I will be donating to preschools in various communities across the US. Click the donate button here today, or you can also get your own copy of Quackers here.


It costs this amount to bring a team of volunteers and all the materials to build a school. The San Fernando Valley Community team has been to Haiti and Malawi in the last couple years and built a school there with the Buildon organization. This year I hop…

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