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Mr. International Tips

With the 2018 pageant fast approaching, I wanted to share a few tips on who’s really important… the future Mr. International 2018! If your detailed, organized, and a planner, like myself, you may already be wondering some questions that these few tips may help answer. Please keep in mind everyone’s family’s needs and budgets are different, so always do what’s best for you and your family. Also remember things may change too so always be flexible. 
A few husband tips for pageant weekend:

*Husbands should arrive Thursday night. They can arrive Friday morning as long as they are there early because they do attend rehearsal Friday late morning. Keep in mind Charleston, WV is a commute! Most flights require a connection and there’s always the chance of delays. So, to be safe and to avoid him arriving in stress, I recommend him casually getting there the evening before.

*Rehearsal is business casual for your husband. You will see everything from suits to jeans. Let your husband be comfortabl…

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